An Analytical Approach to the Impact of Islamic Concept of Rights on the West

  • Dr.Rashida Parveen
  • Ayesha Jadoon
Keywords: Human Rights, Islam, Western approach.


Nowadays, every society and individual speaks for his Rights. At present, two frames of Lawsare prevailing, one the Islamic and the other Western.Islam is the culture for which human rights is not a new thing. The word „right‟ is too much common, known and widespread that even from a common man with low mental capability to an intellectual is aware of its meaning and importance.Theoretically both Islam and western world emphasize on the importance of Human Rights. When it comes to the Human Rights, contents are though same but, Islam opposes discrimination whether of any type like caste, creed, sex, race and religion. Almost every document of the Human Rights states that all individuals are equal and entitle to the basic Human Rights but when it comes to the output, there is total violation and infringement of the norms in Islamic and western world alike. If one looks in the history of Human Rights he can conclude the fact, that was Islam that paved path for the world for the formulation of Human Rights in the seventh century while for the west, late 18th and 19th centuries witnessed the codification of Human Rights documents.1The aim of this paper is not the comparison between Islamic and western law rather the only purpose is to prove that Islam had given details of Human Rights in 7th century where as the commencement of western law was much late. So this paper appraises the analytical approach to the impact of Islamic concept of Rights on the west.

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