Quranic Concept of Loss Khusran An Analytical Study of Selected Contemporary Urdu Exegeses

  • Rizwan Rasheed
  • Dr.Muhammad Saeed Shaikh
Keywords: Qur’ān, Khusrān, Loss, Failure, Urdū exegeses.


This article is an attempt to have detail insight about notion of Loss and failure from Qur‟ānic prospective. Nature of human success and failure has been discussed & defined even in oldest philosophical texts. Prophets (PBUT) of Allah Almighty, Intellectuals, philosophers, academics, saints did express different theories and philosophies regarding human success and loss. Allah has sent forth in every nation a Messenger with divine mission to save mankind from loss and failure. Mankind‟s success and salvation was the prime concern of Holy Prophets (PBUT). In postmodern era, human society and culture is suffering through critical and vulnerable situation around the globe. Because of materialistic approach, people as individuals and societies, are so driven to accumulate possession and wealth to be successful. It is being observed that in Muslim communities, worldly materialistic approach is developing which ultimately causing harmful impact to Islamic social teachings. All the while, Qur‟ānic parameter of success and loss is balanced which encompasses not only this world but hereafter too. This research study endorsed that by promoting Qur‟ānic concept of loss and failure, an ideal welfare society can be developed where survival of each individual is promised with dignity and security. By consulting Urdu exegeses, Qur‟ānic concept of loss and failure is brought into light in this article.

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