Abdel Haleem as a Translator of the Holy Quran

  • Hafiz Sfarish Ali
  • Faisal Rashid Gohar
Keywords: The Qur‟ān, Translation, Abdel Haleem


This paper covers brief history and evolution of Qur‟ānic translation, short biographical sketch of the translator and his approach to the translation of the Holy Scripture of Islam. Abdel Haleem is an Egyptian Muslim scholar of Arabic language, literature and Islamic studies. He has been teaching in different universities of the UK since 1966. Presently he is serving as professor of Islamic Studies at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London. He produced his English translation of the Holy Qur‟ān titled as “The Qur‟ān: A New Translation” in 2004 published by Oxford University Press. The translation received appreciation from the modern reader of the Qur‟ān because it has been presented in brief and simplified language, easy style, accurate rendition and balanced approach.

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