Soft Power: An Invasion to Pakistani Culture

  • Samreen Bari
  • Rizwana Jabeen


It is easy to count number of cruise missiles, tanks, jet planes, naval war heads and troops but it is difficult to measure the cultural, ideological and Institutional impact of one state on another. The art of using the soft image would help the state to shape the world as per its own desire, consequently help the state to achieve its political, cultural and economic goals. The agenda of disassociating people from their own culture, by promoting and artificially injecting the cultural, political and economic traits or values of one nation, on another can be termed as Soft Power. The bombardment of foreign cultures is not only disturbing, it is also been destroying the homogeneity of the society, leading them towards a state of confusion and chaos, resulting in the disruption of unity and bond amongst them. This kind of ‗Structural Cultural Globalization‘ is actually a ‗Soft Power‘, which is extremely alluring, attracts the negative vibes like a magnet, brainwashes the minds of the masses. The magic formed through Soft Power, is far more appalling, than the intervention of military forces or economic sanctions. This technique has been found to be very effective, as it functions using the divide and rule formula. Key

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