Blashphemy Law and its interpretation A Pakistan's Perspective

  • Attaullah K. Mehmood
  • Ijaz Ali Chisthi


Blasphemy law is considered as very basic law in the Muslim societies. This study aims to examine the blasphemy law of Pakistan in historical perspective. Qualitative research designs and discourse analysis techniques have been used to analyse the existing data.In Indian Subcontinent, during the Muslim rules, blasphemy law was being followed and practiced in accordance with principles of Islam. During British regime, it has throughout been demand of the Muslim for legislation of Blasphemy Law. During this period, by acceding to Muslims’ demand, it was introduced but with lesser punishment, even lesser than those which was there in the law of England. In this article, history of the blasphemy law and its interpretation, including conformity with Islamic principles as judged by the Federal Shariat Court, has been documented. In the end, its present status, or restatement of this law, has be unearthed with some suggestions, which have though been alluded to in decisions of the courts, but have not been ever discussed..

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