Computing of Personality Interference in Muslim World

  • Syed Shahabuddin
  • Gulnaz Naeem


With the rise of Computer Science and the Internet, in particular, the Muslim world has shifted its dynamics on an industrial scale. Whether its alternative interpretations of Islam or questions about it, the Internet has been as all new medium to reach the masses. On the other hand, social intelligence has always been considered vital for understanding and managing soft-biometric traits of a person we are communicating.So what actually is social intelligence? Although it has always been a mystery to understand how humans interact with each other and explore the world in a global era. Learning ability, perceiving ability and adaptation to a new environment are usually linked with intelligence. The ongoing research in cognitive science has increased our understanding of intelligence. According to research, it has been clarified that it is not one or two factors that are responsible for intelligence but rather there is a range of abilities to determine social intelligence.

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