The Study of Possible Shariah Non Compliance Risks of Ijarah Along with Their Risk Management Mechanism

  • Muhammad Younus
  • Farooq Hassan


The main objective of this research paper is the study of possible Sharīʻaĥ non-compliance risks (SNCRs) of Ijāraĥ along with their risk management mechanism. As the activity of Sharīʻaĥ non-compliance is negligence or failure to comply with the Sharīʻaĥ rules and regulations as well as for some extent, the breach of the law of the land. Hence, Identification, Monitoring, Control and Mitigation of SNCRs need to be undertaken sensitively otherwise the spirit and objective of Islamic banks (IBIs) will be no more than different from Conventional banking system i.e. Interest based banking. Consequently, this new practice of Islamic banking will also be considered Sharīʻaĥ non-compliant. Because, failure in control and mitigation of Sharīʻaĥ non-compliance risks (SNCRs) may render the transaction into Null and Void (Bāṭil) or Voidable (Fāsid) as well as the return/rental would be considered impermissible (Ḥarām). Additionally, it may expose the status of IBIs at high risk regarding their reputation, profitability and confidence of their stakeholders which may lead the system towards collapse and downfall. Keeping in mind the need of the identification of SNCR along with estimated risk management/mitigation tools, this paper is developed to help the industry to develop their own Sharīʻaĥ non-compliance risk management system and to achieve the targeted outcomes i.e. sound reputation of Islamic banking on the basis of Sharīʻaĥ principles, permissible proceeds/profits through genuine Sharīʻaĥ compliant activities and comprehensive knowledgeable material to understand distinctive and accurate Islamic banking system from Conventional. Targeting the abovementioned goals and aims, the answers of following questions are explored: What is SNCR? Is there any approved and authentic mechanism or SNCR management system in market to manage and mitigate them? Is the SNCR destructive for the profit and goodwill of IBIs? Principally, this research paper is an effort to uncover the SNCRs of Ijāraĥ Product along with the risk management mechanism keeping in sight the modern practices of Ijāraĥ Product.

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